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BRASS ANCHOR: The Body Is Knurled For Improved Performance Suitable For Solid Brick, Light Concrete Hollow Core Concrete Panels And Timber. Brass Anchors Are Also Useful With Light Weight Rail Fixings. Internal Tapering Module Which Enables The Anchor To Expand And To Auto Lock The Suspension Rod And Gets Into Position. It Has Larger Bearing Area And Functions Also As A Socket. For Manufacturing Of Strong And Sturdy Anchors In Brass, High Grade Brass Rods Are Cut And Holed And Threaded For Reliable Anchoring. APPLICATION OF BRASS DROP IN ANCHOR: Brass Anchors Are Multifaceted Components And Are Able To Work Any Surface Like Brick, Concrete, Metallic Or Timber Based Surfaces. FINISH: Brass Anchors Come Primarily In Natural Brass, However Can Be Coated With Chrome Nickel, Copper Or SS For Extra Strength And Looks. SIZES: 4 MM 5 MM 6 MM 8 MM 10 MM 12 MM 14 MM 16 MM Visit for more details..
  • 2017-04-15T06:07:27

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